Friday 25th October 2019

  • No new CCSP registrations accepted after this deadline.


  • Any children who should be registered on CCSP must be registered by this date.

  •  If you have children who are not registered for CCSP but who are attending Halloween camp commencing on 29th October and who need to avail of CCSP for the camp:
  • we would advise you to register them next Thursday 24th or Friday 25th  with a starting date of Tuesday  29th October (or whatever date they will be commencing the camp) so they are registered before CCSP closes.


TEC programmes will remain open for new registrations until February 2020.









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AIM Level 1 LINC Applications

Applications for all qualified LINC Co-Ordinators are open. Applications must be received before 31 October 2019 in order to receive funding for the full ECCE year. There will be no backdating of funding for applications received after that date.

All applications received after 31 October 2019 will only be paid the additional capitation from their approval date.

Newly qualified graduates can apply now using your Graduate ID (Student ID).

Services who had funding for previous years will need to reapply for the 2019/2020 ECCE year.

If your Inclusion Co-Ordinator is on extended leave (maternity/sick) then you will need to reapply when they return from leave.

If your Inclusion Co-Ordinator ceases employment or is on maternity or sick leave then you must complete a Notification of Change form which you will find on PIP under Better Start Aim – Consent Forms and email to

For any further queries, please contact  


Phase 2 Training Sessions are on Eventbrite.

Scroll down to browse sessions and choose a time, date and location that suits you.

Phase 2 Training Sessions: Using the system. These sessions will provide practical training on the use of the National Childcare Scheme’s IT system, covering both the service provider portal and the parent application process. They will start on 26th of August 2019 and will run until the 16th of October 2019.

Book your Phase 2 Training Session now!



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