CCS Resettlement, Relocation & Transition (for Homeless Families) Programmes

CCS Resettlement, Relocation & Transition (for homeless families) Programmes.

As of January 2017, CCS Resettlement and Relocation has now expanded to include measures to assist families experiencing homelessness alongside assisting refugee families. The objective of the programme, now called CCS Resettlement, Relocation and Transition, is to provide childcare services to refugee families and also families who are currently identified as homeless by Focus Ireland.

Resettlement and Relocation

As part of the current EU initiative on the resettlement of Refugees in Ireland, the need to provide childcare services to refugee families has been identified.

A flat rate of €95 per week, for part-time childcare over 4 days per week will be paid in relation to each child attending under CCS ‘Relocation/Resettlement’ (i.e. CCSR) once approved, for the eligible duration of their childcare place.  This guide will provide step-by-step instructions to services in completing, submitting and amending registrations on PIP for the CCSR Programme.

‘Resettlement’ or ‘Relocation’?  What’s the Difference?

Individuals who have entered Ireland as ‘Resettlement’ refugees, as verified by the Department of Justice and Equality will be eligible for up to a maximum of 60 weeks’ childcare under CCSR. This will include a number of weeks in childcare in proximity to a reception centre (approximately 8 weeks), and the remaining eligible weeks in a childcare service within the family’s resettled community.

Individuals who have entered Ireland as ‘Relocation’ refugees, as verified by the Department of Justice and Equality, will be eligible for up to a maximum of 8 weeks’ childcare under CCSR.

Please ensure that the correct Department of Justice and Equality – Eligibility Letter is provided for all CCSR children.

The letter will contain key information related to both the parent and the child. oThe letter will clearly state whether the child is eligible for CCSR under ‘Resettlement’ or ‘Relocation’.

Transition (for Homeless Families).

Families identified as homeless by Focus (Ireland) with children aged 0-5 inclusive, will now be eligible for childcare under CCSR. Children will be eligible for 25 hours per week, which will include 15 hours of free pre-school (ECCE) where they are eligible for this, or school hours. This free childcare will be available for 33 weeks of the remainder of this academic year. Contracted childcare services will be provided with a flat rate of €110 per week, per child for these part-time children.

As part of this initiative parents will not be asked to pay any top–up or co-payment for these part-time hours and a daily meal must be provided for each child (which will be included in the subvention rate). All registrations must be supported by an approved Focus Ireland eligibility letter.

Please Note:

  • Services must be in contract for either the CCS/CCSP programme in order to submit a CCSR registration.
  • Services can apply for places on behalf of parents directly on PIP.
  • The Transition session is currently available to services in the Dublin area only.  Areas outside of Dublin will have access at a later date.

For further information and ‘How To’ Guide for Service Providers please click here.