types of childcare

Over 5 hours, age range 0-6 years. Services covered under this definition are those offering a structured full day service for children which may include a part-time service and a sessional service also.

Up to 5 hours, age range 0-6 years. Services covered under this definition may include a sessional pre-school service for pre-school children not attending the part-time day care service. The service must provide the same physical environment including rest, play and sanitary facilities as for full day services.

Up to 3.5 hours, age range 2 years 10 months – 6 years. Services covered by this definition may include pre-schools, playgroups, montessori pre-schools, naoínraí.

Up to 2 hours. Services provided in shopping centers, leisure centers, hotels etc. on a temporary basis.  In drop-in services the children are cared for over a period of not more than two hours.

This type of care is by those who care for children in the minders own home.  Only those who care for four or more unrelated pre-school children are subject to the requirements of the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006.  Childminders who care for 3 children or less have no requirements in relation to minimim quality standards.

It is advised that parent should request that all childminders are Garda Vetted, have polices and procedures in place in relation to health and safety for their service and have references available for verification.