Mandated Reporting Starting 11th December 2017

As you know Mandated Reporting starts on December 11th, 2017.

In advance of these new legal requirements here are some resources that may be of use to you and your staff:

  • ‘5 Steps to Prepare for Mandated Reporting’ – This is a handy 5 step guide that you can follow to ensure all staff are aware of their responsibilities.  This guide includes the E-Learning: Introduction to Children First video as well as the E-learning course which have been provided below:
  • E-Learning : Introduction to Children First.   Everyone in the sector including all owners, boards of management and early years staff are being asked to complete this online course which provides introductory information on child protection and mandated reporting.

This short video that introduces the e-learning module is Facebook/Twitter friendly.  The video can be found here:  It covers what is in the module.

The E-learning course can be accessed through either of these links : or

  • Always Children First Child Protection Training: A note on child protection training.  The e-learning module is an introductory course on child protection and includes information on mandated reporting.  In addition to this early years services will continue to be offered child protection training through the Childcare Committees – Always Children First will be updated and training delivery will start in March, 2018.