Transition to Primary School

The following publication is useful for parents who are preparing their children for making the transition from a n early years service to primary school – transitions


 Parent Courses

Parent courses are to help you to be the best parent you can be! Barnardos and The Familiy Support Agency have developed a database of all parenting programmes in Ireland by county. Search Parenting Database.



Useful Resources

The Family Support Agency and Barnardos have launched Parenting Positively — a set of 9 booklets aimed at supporting parents of children aged 6-12 years through a range of parenting challenges. In addition to a booklet on general parenting skills, aimed at helping parents better understand and support their children’s development, the series also deals with some of the more complex life issues facing parents. The free booklets cover themes such as death, separation, domestic abuse and bullying.

Parenting Preschoolers and Young Children
 By John Sharry, Gráinne Hampson and Mary Fanning; Cartoons by John Byrne

In Parenting Preschoolers and Young Children you will find practical advice on how to deal with the very real challenges of caring for youngchildren.As well as offering helpful tips on how to stimulate a child intellectually in terms of improved
concentration and language development, it also offers sound advice on handling behavioural problems like temper tantrums and defiance. Emphasising an approach to parenthood that praises rather than criticises Parenting Preschoolers and Young Children is an accessible and indispensable guide for those bringing up young children.

Help my kid learn is a useful website developed by the National Adult Literacy Agency which is packed full of useful tips and ideas on how to promote your child’s early learning.




Aistear Tip Sheets for Parents