Privacy and Cookies Policy

This is the privacy statement of website which informs you how we collect and process Personal Data from this website. This document also outlines how we use Cookies. Please read this Privacy Statement before using this website or submitting information on this website because by using this website you have agreed to, and are bound by, the terms of this Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy. We respect your right to privacy and have made every effort in this document to explain to you how we process your Personal Data and use Cookies on this site.

Privacy and Disclosure

The personal data you provide to us via this website is used by us to make contact with you and to provide you with information and services that we offer.

Your personal data is handled by data processing companies that we employ, such as email list managers, (MAILCHIMP) and our web host who assists in the transmission of data. These companies are not allowed to use your personal data except for the purposes described and we take responsibility for information shared this way.

We do not supply your personal data to third parties for the purpose of indirect marketing and we do not use your data for direct marketing without your express consent. (Information listed on our Search for Childcare facility can be used by third parties but we have no control over this).

Your data stored on the website is in a database. This database is emptied on a regular basis and the data is moved in-house to DLRCC controlled pc’s and laptops.

Relevancy and Use

Should you choose to contact us using the phone numbers/email addresses made available on this website, then you will have consented to us having your contact details (e.g. email address/phone number) and whatever other personal data you choose to provide for the purposes of our communicating with you.

Details of Erasure

We routinely delete personal data when the purpose for keeping it no longer applies – for example if you have unsubscribed from a newsletter, or we have answered an enquiry from you and have no further reason to be in possession of your email address and any other personal data such as your name, address, contact number.


Cookies can be set on your device for a number of reasons when visiting this website. A cookie is a small text file written to your device that “remembers” information during your visit. These session cookies are destroyed after your visit, so they only need to remember what you do during the visit – like how many search results you want to display. Persistent cookies, however, live on after your visit. They can be set to be destroyed anytime from 1 day to 30 years after your visit is over! Most persistent cookies are good and useful, however some are used to track your browsing habits and behaviours and these are the ones that people worry about. The following explains how a cookie is set from visiting our site, what type it is and the implications of preventing it from being set.

Cookies set by Us

Our website sets 2 types of cookie – a User Session cookie (non persistent) and a Google Analytics cookie (persistent).

User Session

When you visit this site, our content management system automatically sets a session cookie identified by a unique 32 character alphanumeric string. This temporary session cookie is deleted from your machine when your visit is over. During your visit the following data is collected for the purposes of functionality such as login, the remember me facility for login, or remembering a setting you chose such as number of items to display for search results.

  • Time and date of visit
  • User type
  • Browser type
  • Any settings you choose for display purposes

Even if you don’t log in, or choose any display settings, this cookie will be set anyway. At present we cannot prevent this from happening without adversely affecting how our content management system works. You can choose to block this cookie via your browser settings however if you do so, you will not be able to login or purchase goods/services from this website.

Visitor Analytics (Our website set up for Google Analytics and Blacknight AW Stats)

We also collect non personal data about your visit using Google Analytics. That means we can’t personally identify you but the following information is recorded during your visit for statistical purposes.

  • Where you came from (referrer url)
  • Page you first arrived at on this site (landing page)
  • Number of pages visited
  • Which pages visited
  • Time spent per page
  • Page that you exited our site from
  • Your Internet Service Provider
  • Your browser
  • Your language settings
  • Your Operating System
  • Your device type (eg mobile)
  • Made a call using telephone link provided (your phone number is NOT collected)
  • Emailed us using email link provided (your email address is NOT collected)
  • Are you a first time or a returning visitor

There are usually 4 cookies set, of which 3 are persistent. You can recognise them by their names (__utma, __utmz, __utmc and __utmb). You can choose not to be tracked in this way by adjusting your browser settings. By refusing these cookies, you can exercise your rights not to be statistically tracked by our website or to have these cookies placed on your computer by us. Your refusal to have these cookies placed on your computer will not hamper your website experience in any way. Please refer to the section on How to Manage Cookies below to learn how to refuse these cookies. We would ask you to consider not deleting the Analytics cookies as they provide us with valuable information as to how visitors get to this site and it helps us make decisions based on the content you read and spend time on here.

Cookies set by Social Websites

If you use the facilities we provide on this site to share content using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you will need to use your own account settings with these providers to adjust your privacy settings and control how they track you or place cookies on your device. Our website does not set these cookies.

How to Manage Cookies

If you’re not sure how to manage cookies on your machine, visit which is an excellent source of information on how to do this for most browser types.


We take our security responsibilities seriously. We employ the most appropriate physical and technical measures and these are reviewed regularly.

Your Rights with Respect to Personal Data

Under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 you are entitled to get a copy of any information we store about you. You have the right to have any inaccuracies rectified and you have the right to have the information deleted if we have no legitimate reason to be in possession of it.

Please make all requests in writing to:

Michele Relihan

Unit 16,

Deansgrange Business Park,


Co. Dublin.

Where the request involves furnishing you with a copy of the information held, we will charge you a fee of not more than €6.35. To protect against fraudulent requests, we ask you to help us by furnishing us with 2 documents as proof of identity. Please also enclose your name, return address and a contact number. A valid request will be dealt with in 40 days of our receipt of same in writing.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement, you can email us at