Revised Public Health Guidance for ELC & SAC Settings

The HSE has issued a revised version of the public health guidance for childcare services on 25 March 2021. The revised guidance can be found at:

The changes relate to:

  • Face coverings (p.11): A reminder that staff in ELC and SAC services must wear face coverings when it is not possible to keep a 2m distance from other adults. Staff are also advised to wear a face covering when in close proximity to children if doing so does not pose a barrier to early learning and care. The guidance specifically notes that It is expected that use of face coverings will generally be practical when attending to school age children. This aligns with the approach in schools.
  • Ventilation: The Guidance emphasises the importance of ventilation (see pages 10, 11, 14 and 16).
  • Other: The Guidance also includes the most up to date information on spread of the virus (p.4), sampling and testing (p.5), vaccine roll out (p.6), periods of self-isolation and restricted movements (p.18) and a reminder to staff to minimise contacts inside and outside of work (p.21).
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